Back at it again!

My week leading up to the new year was spent in South Lake Tahoe. Although  was born in the “Windy City” of  Chicago and lived through many a snowstorm, I’m really a warm weather person, but this trip proved to pretty darned okay. The family and I spent at least three hours outdoors in the cold, winter snow making snow angels, snowboarding, sledding, eating snow to quench our thirst and hitting the jacuzzi, too.

img_2631It took me a good 24-48 hours to recover which included a 12-hour antihistamine induced slumber. Welcome 2017!




9/13 where are you now?

i’ve been neglecting this page! i’ve been distracted by short bursts and posts on another social media tool…FB.

i’m infatuated with daily posts. it all started because of prince’s passing. i wanted to do 40 consecutive days of “purple for prince.” That was my theme. I also wanted to work on getting things done on a timely basis and i read an article that said to commit to something small and doable over time. simple right? duh.

you’d think i’d be able to take a pix, post and write.

8:18 2nd chance

i attended a funeral today.

i was the former executive director of a small, nonprofit agency for girls in san francisco. there are handful of girls who would always have a special place in my heart. one young lady was a natural leader. she was honest and humble, smart, motivated and driven and active in her community since middle school. all these characteristics were those that i heard of her mom today as friends and community members remembered. her mother had passed away at the very young age of 50.

one of the pastors had a message to “marinate on love.” he said if people would just love each other, we would all be in a better place.

the other message was live your life as if it’s your last and live your life when you’re given a second chance. first is fine, but second can even be better because you have an opportunity to do things differently. you have a second chance.

seize it. life is definitely too short these days.


8:16 gratitude

just a quick note to give thanks.

  • thanks to family for hosting a rather impromptu reunion this past weekend.
  • thanks to my husband for taking the daughter on one of her last hurrah’s before school starts and adjusting his work schedule to accommodate unforeseen amusement park closures
  • thanks to my son for being so caring and bringing me my amethyst stones to “calm” down.
  • thanks to my daughter for making yummy, chocolate pancakes for breakfast
  • …to understanding colleagues
  • …to friends who stay in touch through their own ups and downs
  • …to a community of dancers who love what they do!


8:10 dear diary

a heading stood out to me today…

IMG_1729“diary of an exhausted mom”

i laughed when i read it because i didn’t need to read the post further to understand. parenting and working is like having two full time jobs. i will easily argue anyone who doubts otherwise. it appears as though others do this effortlessly. as for me, real talk, i’m exhausted on a regular basis.

this evening, for example, i left work early to make sure the ‘lil one made it to dance on time. got a bit of a rest while he was in class. proceeded to shuttle the big one to her martial arts class. the ‘lil one fell asleep so i sat in the car for 1.5 hours, proceeded to do some work, respond to personal emails and requests.

i do tend to make every minute count as there’s always much to do in a 24-hour day.

dear diary–i’m ready for another vacation.


july 27: positive peptides

so much going on in the world right now. it’s a bit overwhelming. i’ve been taking with my daughter about current events. my son hears what’s on the news/radio and asks questions. and we, admittedly, have our moments of crankiness. between the harsh reality of our worlds and the hustle and bustle of everyday, we need to take a moment to breathe, find our center, release and come to calm.

i’m thankful that i have support to be able to do so. my dear friend writes a blog in support of her business here.

i’ve always been a “half glass full” person while acknowledging the challenges. i really liked her post especially the part about “positive peptides.”

she writes:

“You can reprogram your cells by changing them to receive more positive peptides in the near future by adopting practices such as mindfulness and gratitude… in addition to food/nutrition, exercise, rest and sleep.

You have a choice in determining what input your genes receive….

You have more power than you think to positively influence your physical and mental health and life outcomes.”

how good and how true is that, right? (insert smiley face emoji here and purple heart.)