#2: mbs

Today was a good day. Almost every meeting at work starts with a check in. One of my favorites is MBS. We’re asked to share about either one or all of the three–Mind, Body, Spirit. Here’s my check in for the day.

  • My mind was at ease. I “practiced peace” and exercised my creative muscle by drawing and coloring. This is something I’m doing for 31 days through School of the Free Mind.
  • I put my body to work with a quick power walk around the neighborhood, sit ups, planks, and push ups. Hoping my bod doesn’t ache as much as it did earlier this week after a workout with my fitness instructor, certified sister.
  • My spirit was lifted especially during a good hour or two in which the whole fam bam was doing something creative. I practiced and strummed 3 chords on the uke, my daughter continued her creative, lego/clay/glue gun book report project, my husband helped, and my son proceeded to clean up his assortment of toys by making a barn out of a shoe box.IMG_0098

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