#8: hustle and flow

Our morning routine was on point as my husband prepared breakfast and packed the kids lunch. I got the kids up and helped the ‘lil one get dressed. My daughter was our alarm clock informing us we had twenty minutes left to get ready to head out of the door. The four of us weaved in and out of our tiny kitchen, breakfast area, and up and down the stairs to brush our teeth, pack and find a few last minute items, and get going in time to drop off the kids to school.

Multiply that same tempo by 100 and you get the flow of my work day. It was challenging administratively with multiple deadlines, coordinating reports from collaborative partners, and supporting colleagues with addressing complex, political working relationships, the level of rigor to address these moments was as in sync as the family hustle and bustle of my morning.

It helps, too, that there were moments of peace surrounding me hearing my 6-year old talk about equitable hiring practices, my daughter coordinating our after-work, family meet-up, and having a young person at the table during planning strategies for program evaluation and assessment, and a colleague share her story of manifesting abundance.



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