#16: asleep

“my head wants me to sleep, but i can’t,” my son articulated this morning. i wonder if i’ve been asleep. i’ve been doing what was right, often what was expected. following a path. i got my first job when i lived in “the valley.” my family moved from the rio grande valley in texas to reseda, california in the san fernando valley (yes, the city where the ralph macchio version of the karate kid lived). i received my worker’s permit from the school district, looked at the job board at reseda high school and got a part-time job as a file clerk. throughout high school and shortly before going to college, i held jobs in retail working at see’s candies (love the bordeaux) and may company (where i worked in the clothing section and had no idea what an empire waist was).

in the bay area, i took out emergency loans that helped subsidize some extras like a radio and clothes and ski trips. i was lucky to have a scholarship and tuition was less than $1000/semester. i worked in retail during college for about two years where it was much easier to respond to questions about items like “where are the hooded sweatshirts?” vs. where are the empire waist skirts.

flash forward. i’ve pursued my interests and gotten a good education attending one of the top ranked public universities for my undergraduate career and one of the top five rated schools for a graduate degree in public administration. i’ve excelled in my career serving as an executive director for a girls serving agency for girls of color and now an associate director of an amazing youth leadership entity.

i want to re-awaken my other interests. flash back to getting a perfect score matching pitches to notes in a pre-band assessment in 6th grade leading to six years of symphonic and marching band with me as a captain one year. exercising what i learned in a drum circle from an amazing teacher while i was pregnant in provide, ri.




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