#17: back to center

i couldn’t have asked for a better date day with my hubs. we promised each other quality time and to go on a date at least once a month this year. we want break the day to day routine and find time to talk about things than algebra two and rhyming words.

i was reminded that i have a cheerleader. when we met, he was excited about my artistic endeavors commenting on the “value” of my daily attire and color coordination, encouraging me to continue to play the keys or the piano, rocking out whenever we went karaoke. he reminded me to come to my center. i got a bit weepy in my own reflection that i’ve been so focused on what’s in front of me, what other’s may be thinking of me. have i been that caught up in the concept of “the looking glass self” (see sociologist Charles Horton Cooley) that i need to rekindle my creative that truly drives me.



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