#18: potential energy

i’ve been hearing things differently the past couple of weeks, settling in to what i hear and practicing getting in it more versus reacting immediately. it’s been a challenge because in the various roles i have (associate director for a youth center, mother) i’m almost always the go-to person and almost always, people want answers or need something.

this morning was a pleasant surprise. rather than be greeted by a “good morning”, my son asked me to “be fully awake” and asked, “what is ‘potential energy’?” mind you, i’m half awake and likely wakening from a dream because i saw myself with my eyes wide open after he asked this question.

here’s the first grade definition: Potential Energy: when the energy in an object is just sitting there and needs something to act on it to get it to move. (source: Bright Hub Education)

so applicable to me at this time.


(my son wants to add to this entry–these are his words): we went down in our 2-story apartment. my son was playing with his toys while i was working on my coloring book of peace. my son wanted breakfast like a picnic near the tv. after he was done, he played a little more and then he said, “can i have more food?” so, i got meatballs and warmed them up for my son. and then, my son explained to his dad potential energy.



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