#22: the motherland

my brother and parents are in the philippines now. i was in my mom’s belly when they immigrated in the late 60’s. they always say if they didn’t leave then, they may have never made it to the u.s.

i returned last year after 30+ years and met over 30+ first cousins and nieces and nephews, reacquainted with tita’s and tito’s and upon looking at them could definitely see our resemblance. my kids often recount memories from that trip–the fresh fish, the “spa” fish, the beautiful sunsets, to the aquarium, to walks in the neighborhood with their grandparents, to 3+ hour long drives to one destination. all fond memories.

i particularly loved hearing stories from my parents.

  • this is the street that your pop used to live
  • my dad used to take me here after he picked me up from school
  • this is your pop’s old high school
  • we took you here when you were 7
  • we walked this path over a mile to school

i’m hoping to make a trip to the motherland again, soon.

IMG_20150203_091157 (2)

manila bay sunset, january 2015



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