#23: power yoga

amazing. cathartic. timely. powerful. these are only a handful of words that describe a much needed intention setting/yoga and meditation session that i attended yesterday sponsored by filipino advocates for justice (aka FAJ). i have known FAJ since the mid to late ’90’s. FAJ was the fiscal sponsor to Project PULL Academy, a college preview and leadership program for Pilipino/a high school students. i was a founding member of Project PULL which in itself was a life changing experience. for me, what made the session even more special was that three people that i have high regard for were leading the workshop. i later learned that FAJ’s executive director has been practicing yoga for over 40 years. she is extremely resilient having been at the helm of the organization for at least 30 years.


(photo credit: filipino advocates for justice)

the intended audience of this workshop was filipinos and other people of color who are social justice workers…activists in the social justice movement to explore how mindfulness practices nurtures us and feeds our personal and collective healing and how the practice in turn supports our work.

i’ve been searching for some respite. for some clearing of my mind. i’ve been working in youth development and leadership on behalf of communities that i identify with (immigrant families, young women of color, marginalized communities, opportunity youth) for almost 20+ years. and yes, it challenging staying in it on the day to day on behalf of what i know is just and right. as one of my closest friends said, i’ve practically dedicated my whole life to things “external” and outside of myself. another dear friend said, “it’s time to listen” to yourself.

so thank you FAJ for holding this space and providing me a space for some calm…to have motion and motivation and to be able to be still.


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