#28: where are you?

the hubs is out of town for 10 days. i’ve been “flying solo” for the most part and have been lucky to have the help of the kids’ “lola” (grandma in tagalog). work has been extremely flexible as well with me on a 9-5 schedule with the understanding that i would not be checking email after 6pm. why is this unusual? in my associate directorship role, in any given week, i can easily clock over 40+ hours/week. my usual pattern is as follows:

  • 8am: out the door to drop of the kids
  • 8pm: come home after picking up kids from extracurricular activities
  • 8pm -10pm: combination of homework, bath, dinner, and questions coming to me left and right
  • 10pm-12am: work time, binge watch time, reading, attempt to squeeze in “me” time
  • 6am-7am next day: wake up (which means hit the snooze button for as long as possible)

rinse. wash. repeat.




One thought on “#28: where are you?

  1. Im tired just reading this post. Rinse. Wash. Repeat. But happy to hear you have Nona and flexibility at work. Peace and Hugs. 😊 you got this!


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