#29: about tonight

it’s been a pretty good week. the kids and i have been getting to school on time. i’ve been able to leave work at a decent hour to pick up kids and run around. frankly, part of me still tugs and has a reaction knowing there are unsent emails, a growing list of to-do’s and follow up items, seeing my work piling up. interestingly, i’ve been laser focused with my time on both the home and work front which has given me a some sense of peace.

it’s 10:30pm and i awake from a 3-hour slumber. the kids are still up. we treat ourselves to ice cream, read about “evolved” pokemon characters to the ‘lil one while the teenager watches her favorite youtuber for a few extra minutes.

(thanks to the ‘lil one for the blog post title and suggestion about what to write about. the title–sounds like a late 80’s john hughes film)



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