feb#27: mother, mother

mother earth yeb sano galliate, italy
Mother Earth – Madre Della Terra mural in Galliate, Italy (source: Yeb Sano FB page)

another eventful family saturday. my observation: moms’ want their needs met and often have them met but/and they often accommodate. it was my mother in law’s bday and she wanted something low key. others wanted something else for her or perhaps needed the comfort of getting the family together to meet emotional needs as it has been one that’s been one faced with acknowledging death and honoring life. let me keep it there. i stumbled upon this post about matriarchal filipino society, however, could not find the author/source. http://www.pitlanemagazine.com/cultures/role-of-women-in-philippine-society-filipino-women-and-feminism.html




feb#26: where are you now?

these two. traveling the globe. i call them often from my mobile office (aka my car on the way to work). i get a kick when they don’t answer or if my mom answer and she’s a bit groggy. she will answer and say,”we were up late at the casino.” get it mom and pop. live it up in your retirement!


feb#24: second shift

it’s highly likely that i’ve written about second shifting. whether it’s the gravitational pull of the full moon or something else, i’m am  definitely feeling that second shift this week! since november, i’ve been exceptionally good not working from home or late at night. i’ve barely been checking texts and emails from the oh so convenient device. that streak broke today.

i’ve generally been leaving at a decent, then i kick in to high gear. at least 3-4 days of the week, i’m picking up the kiddos to bring them to their after school activities. definitely at the age where the idea of the “soccer parent” kicks in. for me and my family, it’s martial arts and dance mom.


from the son (he wanted to contribute):

On my shelf, I have boxes and cabinets for toys and homework. Most of them are for toys. The toys that I have in the picture are the ones that I mostly play with.


feb#23: musician

someone called me a musician today and i loved it (picture giddiness, smiles, and jumping up and down here). if i could do it all over again, i’d become an ethnomusicologist. now, i’m bringing music back as central to my daily practice. yes, just like writing.

around the same time i started writing, i started dabbling in something musical. i’m teaching myself how to play the ukelele (see a few previous posts).  i’ve learned an E and A chord on the electric guitar. baby steps. on those harder to get through days at work, i’ve played my reggae spotify station or put on some lauryn hill. when i bring the kids to school, we pick a station with a song we can sing (at least the chorus). i get music texts from one of my besties who’s sending me titles of house music tracks.

so, so far so good on writing and music. next, i’d like to jump start some sort of regular workout–circuit training? yoga? salsa? bachata? this is one area that has been a roller coaster for me over the past 12 months.

feb#22: write to happiness

i stumbled upon this in one of my social media news feeds today and thought it to be very appropriate for me and my moment, my 45th year.  –> http://www.bethkanter.org/one-sentence-journal/.

the image that comes to mind and my writing from back in the day is this:

composition notebook

now, it’s this:

macbook air purple

regardless of the medium that holds my daily thoughts, writing has been a meditative practice that’s realistic and doable and that’s for me. with typical 6:30am-10pm days, the time to write has been extremely therapeutic.

cheers to writing!




feb#21: with her

my dear friend, grace rualo asuncion she was tragically taken from us over 20 years ago. since then, the uc berkeley pilipino american community, california alumni association, and countless individuals have worked hard to insure her memory and her legacy lives on. every year, in february (her death anniversary month) and october (her birthday month), the filipino american community at cal hold events in her honor. a permanent bench exists in her name on the lower sproul plaza of campus. and as of today, a frame with her picture and story was revealed in the new eshleman hall on campus.

gra 2.21.16

she was like a sister to me and i consider her to be one of best friends. i value her friendship and her honesty and wish she were here today. twenty plus years later, many of us who experienced our college years together are still in touch and she would definitely be part of our circle.

at today’s ceremony, i chose not to be a speaker. i always shed tears at these events and wanted to make sure that the mood was positive and uplifting so i opted out. i remember hearing feedback from last year’s event that the mood was too somber and sad. during the presentation today, my daughter turned to me and asked me if i needed a tissue.

the weather was cooperating. the sun was shining. there was a gentle breeze. and the spirits were good. what makes these moments even more special is sharing them with my family. i’m happy to share the moment with my daughter whose middle name is “grace.” definitely brings special meaning to be able to experience grace with her.



feb#20: piles / pamilya

looking at piles of unattended items. piles of completed homework and schoolwork that the ‘lil one proudly wants us to review. piles upon piles (did i say piles?) of laundry that is waiting to be folded. a pile of clothes that need to be hanged in the closet. a smile pile of books that need to be shelved. piles of shoes that need to be sorted since the kids’ feet are growing so fast. a pile of clothes that need to get dropped off at the donation center. a small pile of dishes that need to get into the dishwasher.


on the other side of things, i’m also thinking of family.



feb#19: high

finally, finally, finally, got my a%$ in gear and did my first workout in months. i’m talking months. last year at this time, i was improving my diet and really watching my food intake going to the farmer’s market every weekend and all that jazz. my go to breakfast drink was a kale/spinach shake with 1/2 banana, cinnamon and almond milk. i was even eating the classic filipino chicken adobo dish on a bed of spinach and tomatoes without rice!
adobo no ricei was also working out consistently 2-3x/week. then the summer kicked in, work was busy, and this all dropped ugh.

when the timing is right, one must take advantage. and that, i did. a coworker called in sick on friday. he usually works the late shift from 11-7. i ended up working a 9-hour day, but managed to get in a 30 minute circuit workout since i didn’t have to go in until 10:30am. what a difference the endorphins make. the day was long, but it was smooth.

thank you endorphin high.