feb #2: impact

i set a hard lined 9-5 schedule and used paid leave for the 0.5 hour/day that i missed. this is the first time in ages that i can remember working a 9-5 schedule. actually, in my professional life, i’ve held only one job where i worked a 9-5. i learned the meaning of being an exempt employee long, long ago.

i recalled the book the second shift by arlie hoschsild from an undergraduate sociology class. the findings of the research revealed that the working mom is the one who double shifts. the studied showed in only twenty percent of dual-career families, men shared equally with housework. and then what happens as a result? mom’s keep up with the 2nd shift, are more inclinIMG_20140801_195533054_HDRed to chronic fatigue and get sick more frequently. this happened in the 80’s and to this day there are many an article about work-life balance in single and dual parent households. wow.

i’ve been flying solo as my husband and i call it. he’s been traveling for work. i asked my daughter what she noticed…did you notice i’m able to pick you up almost every day? yes. what’s the impact been on you and your brother? you’ve been able to help us more. you’re in a happier mood.  


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