feb#6: comedy

i love being amused.

  • son: who wants triples? mom did you know that when eggs crack in a mom’s belly it has dna and you can make triples? do you want another baby?
  • daughter loudly interjects: yes! yes! please mommy. and it’s triplets not triples.

and as shared on another social media platform, my FB post

When the strong, hardcore 13 year old carries the 46 lb., 6-year old because the soon to be 45 year old can no longer carry a sleeping 6-year old from car to door.

lastly, when in an apartment living room with 3 pilipino families, watching a teenaged, comedy, suspenseful movie, after getting sugared up with german chocolate cake, mint choco chip and cookies and cream ice-cream, hearing the raucous laughter of the 13-year old and her cousins.

thank you and good night.


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