appreciation post

i’m reminded of many things during my birthday season. it’s still close enough to the new year to make new year resolutions, it’s near chinese new year which makes me feel extra lucky and reminds me to find out what’s up with being born in the year of the boar, and it’s near valentine’s day. this year is no different, and again in my reflective state of my 45th milestone year, i have a few shout outs of appreciation to a couple of people/places.

grace asuncion. her life was tragically taken from us 24 years ago on february 7. we met in 1989 as freshman attending a student orientation and later both became involved with the pilipino american community at cal. although we only knew each other for two short years, i consider her to be one of my dearest, closest friends. many of the people that we spent time with during those years are still in the bay area and are good, good friends. i know if she were here today, she would definitely be right there with us. i know she is with us in spirit.

janet and diwa acupuncture. if i had a sister from another mister, it would be janet! she’s the godmother of my child, we were on the east coast at the same time for graduate school, she’s seen me at my best and at my worst. she is also one of the most caring and intentional health practitioners on the planet. last year, working with her from about february – april, i was on a special program eating healthy, shifting my diet, and raising consciousness about what goes into my body. i even stopped drinking coffee which is HUGE for me. all that to say, she is a true and trusted friend! thank you for helping me to take care of me!

yoyee, senita and underground fitness in newark, ca. these two ladies likely have no idea i’m writing this. i stumbled upon them through meetup and the timing could not have been more perfect. i was looking to get fit and fabulous and needed consistency and a group dynamic. the experience walking in was fun and personal where chit chat consisted of anything from the latest episode of scandal to how it is raising a girl then getting your workout on with coaching and support that both kicked your butt, and helped you meet your personal workout goals. i unfortunately have not been there in ages due to work schedule and shuttling kids around for after school activities (i know, excuses! excuses!) i can say that these ladies got your back. big shout out to UGF2!

much love and appreciation to this amazing group of people!


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