feb#11: much to do

like many filipino families, i was raised catholic. i remember witnessing my older brother dressed up in a nice suit and tie and sitting next to him wondering what he had in his mouth during his first communion. i couldn’t tell by the look on his face if he enjoyed it. i also remember going to a faith formation class and the teacher asking us to listen to a michael jackson song and relate it to catholicism. i also wondered why people had wine during mass.

now my kids are in faith formation. i enjoy them sharing what they learned and what questions they have, hearing what they agree and disagree with. one thing that i have appreciated about the practices are the structure and opportunity for meditation and reflection.

this season, we’re all making a sacrifice or some sort of change from working out 3/week for the next 40 days, to eating healthier, to saying “nice words” and giving up fast food (french fries are my vice)!

there’s so much to do already in my day to day (work story break: of an 8-hour day, 6 of those were in meetings and/or responding to inquired back to back), that i went back to the tried and true method of keeping things simple and keeping goals s.m.a.r.t.




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