feb#14: for the love of…

our family loves music and dance. the kids have been taking dance class for some time. the teenager took jazz dance when she was 8/9 and then picked up hip hop when she was 12. the lil one started hip hop when he was 4 and his pre-k teacher is his current dancer so he’s been singing and dancing since he was 3/4.

they love dance

yesterday, we woke up at the crack of dawn for their first dance competition. the dance studios that we’ve been a part of are family and community oriented. i used to sit in the studio to watch the progress, but this year has been different because they are dancing different nights of the week. so, i was pleasantly surprised to see my daughter’s performance! she and the crew of five were awesome. of course, i’m biased, but one year later, i saw a marked difference and major improvement! her attitude…on point. she hit the moves and was in character. we did have our mother/daughter moment where the stress of the morning hit the both of us. i chose to leave the make up room and now we both know how to handle the upcoming months. after all that, it was definitely a proud mama moment.

the sleepy ‘rents

the lil one and his dance mates won first place! combatting a cold the week before was his challenge, and after waking up at 6:30am to make an 8:30am performance plus a 1.5 hour nap waiting for the awards, he got up just in time to join his team on stage for the win and to the “interactive dances” (nae nae, dap, you know how that goes). 🙂


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