feb#19: high

finally, finally, finally, got my a%$ in gear and did my first workout in months. i’m talking months. last year at this time, i was improving my diet and really watching my food intake going to the farmer’s market every weekend and all that jazz. my go to breakfast drink was a kale/spinach shake with 1/2 banana, cinnamon and almond milk. i was even eating the classic filipino chicken adobo dish on a bed of spinach and tomatoes without rice!
adobo no ricei was also working out consistently 2-3x/week. then the summer kicked in, work was busy, and this all dropped ugh.

when the timing is right, one must take advantage. and that, i did. a coworker called in sick on friday. he usually works the late shift from 11-7. i ended up working a 9-hour day, but managed to get in a 30 minute circuit workout since i didn’t have to go in until 10:30am. what a difference the endorphins make. the day was long, but it was smooth.

thank you endorphin high.


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