feb#24: second shift

it’s highly likely that i’ve written about second shifting. whether it’s the gravitational pull of the full moon or something else, i’m am  definitely feeling that second shift this week! since november, i’ve been exceptionally good not working from home or late at night. i’ve barely been checking texts and emails from the oh so convenient device. that streak broke today.

i’ve generally been leaving at a decent, then i kick in to high gear. at least 3-4 days of the week, i’m picking up the kiddos to bring them to their after school activities. definitely at the age where the idea of the “soccer parent” kicks in. for me and my family, it’s martial arts and dance mom.


from the son (he wanted to contribute):

On my shelf, I have boxes and cabinets for toys and homework. Most of them are for toys. The toys that I have in the picture are the ones that I mostly play with.



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