3:29 blue

i see blue. i see blue and white. waves crashing in the gentle light. sun shining smiles bright. ahhhh!IMG_0474


3:26 hello?

let’s just say i can’t post what i’m really thinking right now because it would likely be full of expletives. really, youre friend call me?  #wingmanfail #communicationiseasyyoujusthavetodoit #wearenotinhighschoolanymore

3:22 rain

my head is full. i’m lying awake thinking about the work-life issue. the balance is real or perhaps (un)real. a bit of struggle today wanting to prioritize being a parent with responsibilities and time at work. i keep bringing this up because it’s the first time in my life, truly, that i’m really wanting to make a change. kinda hard. kinda scary…to advocate for a shift. i know it should be easy.

3:19 crush

the daughter and one of her besties attended #magconsanfrancisco today. what a day! i don’t think i attended a concert or a show until i was in college. my metaphor of the day for this event is teen beat on steroids or teen beat comes to life. back in my day, it was all about pictures and posters on the wall. now everything is online through social media. people are making their livelihoods and generating revenue off of their regular day and socical media personas that they are creating via the twitters, vines, FBs, instas, periscopes, and other platforms.

the best part of the show was watching her reaction to the boyz (yes, she’s at that stage) and to hear her and her friend talk about the experience for a non-stop 60 minutes on the way home. one of them, her new crush, asked her name and proceeded to write it on the table during autograph signings.

i will say these young people have lot of charisma, drive and motivation and likely good hook ups/connects to manager type folks who know how to run a brand. dang. i only had an inkling as to who these people were and by the end of the night, i got a crash course in magcon 101.




3:16 girl alliance

shout out today to two girls and young women organizations — oasis for girls and y-leap. i had the honor of being the executive director of oasis for girls in the early 2000’s. what started off in a tiny loft apartment in the south of market neighborhood of san francisco has grown today as one of the few girls-specific serving organization in SF today–a central place for young women of color in soma that has a rich pilipino/a, pilipino/a american history that rightfully claims and proclaims pilipino identity. and y-leap led by nakia, a former coworker who is following her dreams in order to have other young women see and fulfill theirs.

why? yes, it’s women’s history month. yes, because there are still girl on girl fights and girl on girl hate. yes, because we can do more all day, every day to lift up our young girls.

flash back to march 2010: “women making history” commendations at SF City Hall. honored to be honored and surrounded by these amazing women. photo credit: julius paras



3:15 woman’s work

i remember seeing maxwell play live in a small venue in nyc. he was so close i could see the sweat beads on his forehead. props though go out to kate bush, the originator and lyricist of the song. in the context of the movie, “she’s having a baby,” the song plays while the mom is faced with challenges during childbirth and the husband is freaking out. the song reminds me to give praise to all the moms out there who take care of so much especially single moms.

3:14 fudge

hot fudge sundae a la mode from baskin robbins

not really fudge. fudge is what my husband and i say if we want to say f*@#! fudge. fudge. fudge. it was that kind of day. the morning was smooth even with the time change. texts i receive before i get to work are indicative of the type of day i’m going to have. today was non-stop from the minute i walked in the door. one phone call in the morning followed by another. jumping to a meeting then on to another phone call followed by a meeting, a 10-minute lunch break, 40 minutes of desk time then a 3pm meeting followed by follow up to an issue from the previous week and by the time i knew it, 4:50pm, 5:00, 5:06pm and still getting asked if i had a few minutes as i packed up my backpack and laptop then out the door. half-glass full view on all this=guiding a youth intern to development of his final project and solidifying a couple of youth interns for a project. glass 3/4 full = picking up my kiddos and hearing more about “academic discourse” from the ‘lil one and actually knowing some physical science subject matter enough to help the big girl. whew!


3:13 blend

today i had the perfect mix of much needed “me” time and family time. got a chance to catch up with one of my besties as we talked about our next life (ad)ventures. we were at a local coffee shop that had a nice ambience with cool art and old school hip hop. the afternoon was spent checking out a few open houses with the fam in this sky-rocket high housing market. fun hearing the kids’ opinions about which room would be theirs and to get their feel on the size of the kitchen. seems to be that the kitchen is central to our family since they like spending time cooking (and learning to load and unload the dishwasher).

hippys brew
mural at hippy’s brew in hayward. photo courtesy of yelp.

funny thing about this day is that as i dreamed of being a part time SAHM, part time youth worker, at the two eating spots i frequented today, i saw two youth who i had worked with in the recent past. they both recognized me and seemed so happy.