feb#28: healthy habit

have to get over the hump and work out. it’s been 2 days since i’ve acknowledged the need. and 2 days of no action. well, i did 20 sit ups. didn’t even break a sweat. i just googled “women’s metabolism over 40” and here’s what came up:

  • boost your metabolism
  • metabolism miracle
  • rev up your metabolism
  • fighting 40’s flab

need motivation. let’s see if i can try what webmd recommends.

  • moderate cardio workout 5x/week (jogging, swimming, walking)
  • for muscle toning, 8-10 exercises, 2 days/week (3 ideal) for 30 minutes at 8-12 reps
  • for strength training, use free weights, machines, or own body

make it a healthy habit. why is this harder than music or writing? why? 🙂



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