3:11 high school

wow. it’s been 4 days since i last posted. this is not indicative of things being slow. it is quite the opposite. in the land of parenting, it has been an adventure.

have you ever been high school shopping? we live on the border of two school districts. technically, we are supposed to attend the local high school. it has over 4000 students on campus, over 100 electives, 4 house principals. the principal said it boasts the 4th highest in terms of # of students on campus in the state. whoa! the other high school my daughter and i checked out is roughly 2300 students, smaller campus, seemed a bit more rigid. both seem to be rich in academic offering. the larger schools seemed to have more of a community and social feel. more well balanced. the other seemed stiff and the inquiries from the parents and families were focused on academics and less of questions around serving the “whole child.”

i’m excited for my daughter and her new endeavors. she is coming from a small school with 100 kids and her class size is 9. yes, 9 students total in the 8th grade class.

she’s not in kindergarten anymore. sniff, sniff. tear, tear.




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