3:14 fudge

hot fudge sundae a la mode from baskin robbins

not really fudge. fudge is what my husband and i say if we want to say f*@#! fudge. fudge. fudge. it was that kind of day. the morning was smooth even with the time change. texts i receive before i get to work are indicative of the type of day i’m going to have. today was non-stop from the minute i walked in the door. one phone call in the morning followed by another. jumping to a meeting then on to another phone call followed by a meeting, a 10-minute lunch break, 40 minutes of desk time then a 3pm meeting followed by follow up to an issue from the previous week and by the time i knew it, 4:50pm, 5:00, 5:06pm and still getting asked if i had a few minutes as i packed up my backpack and laptop then out the door. half-glass full view on all this=guiding a youth intern to development of his final project and solidifying a couple of youth interns for a project. glass 3/4 full = picking up my kiddos and hearing more about “academic discourse” from the ‘lil one and actually knowing some physical science subject matter enough to help the big girl. whew!



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