3:16 girl alliance

shout out today to two girls and young women organizations — oasis for girls and y-leap. i had the honor of being the executive director of oasis for girls in the early 2000’s. what started off in a tiny loft apartment in the south of market neighborhood of san francisco has grown today as one of the few girls-specific serving organization in SF today–a central place for young women of color in soma that has a rich pilipino/a, pilipino/a american history that rightfully claims and proclaims pilipino identity. and y-leap led by nakia, a former coworker who is following her dreams in order to have other young women see and fulfill theirs.

why? yes, it’s women’s history month. yes, because there are still girl on girl fights and girl on girl hate. yes, because we can do more all day, every day to lift up our young girls.

flash back to march 2010: “women making history” commendations at SF City Hall. honored to be honored and surrounded by these amazing women. photo credit: julius paras




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