3:19 crush

the daughter and one of her besties attended #magconsanfrancisco today. what a day! i don’t think i attended a concert or a show until i was in college. my metaphor of the day for this event is teen beat on steroids or teen beat comes to life. back in my day, it was all about pictures and posters on the wall. now everything is online through social media. people are making their livelihoods and generating revenue off of their regular day and socical media personas that they are creating via the twitters, vines, FBs, instas, periscopes, and other platforms.

the best part of the show was watching her reaction to the boyz (yes, she’s at that stage) and to hear her and her friend talk about the experience for a non-stop 60 minutes on the way home. one of them, her new crush, asked her name and proceeded to write it on the table during autograph signings.

i will say these young people have lot of charisma, drive and motivation and likely good hook ups/connects to manager type folks who know how to run a brand. dang. i only had an inkling as to who these people were and by the end of the night, i got a crash course in magcon 101.





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