4:18 hot

oh the weather outside is frightful. not really! we are experiencing early summer weather with 80+ degree temperatures for the next two days. what does that mean for this mama? water retention and feeling bloated. possible bloody nose from one of the kiddos who needs to stay hydrated. wanderlust. insert picture of palm trees and white sandy beaches here–or better yet–flashback to manila bay sunset. february 2015!

IMG_20150203_091157 (1)


4:14 pause

well, it’s been a while since i’ve written. it’s not because it’s been uneventful. it’s beem quite the opposite, in fact. the topic of the week is work. i’ve been behind closed doors. imagine a room within a room with no windows.that’s my space during the week. i have my surrounding walls adorned with photos or wall hanging and small treasures that make me happy. i’ve said “no” or “i’m sorry i can’t help you until next week” to asks and have redirected many times this week.  i do feel badly because folks need help or to talk things through, but i have some major stuff to do and due! my boundaries for not taking work home have come down at least for this week. the up side to this is it’s allowed me time to look back at work over the past three years. it’s also been affirming that that particular part of the job has only received 30% of my time because 60% has been devoted to other organizational needs. i’ve worn a number of hats over the past three years. talk about start up mode!

i will say that i was able to take a pause out of the hectic workweek to treat my ‘lil one and his classmates. he and his big sister go to the same school. and my husband and i were both able to take time to bring sweets — strawberries and donuts — the birthday snack of choice.

always good to pause for the cause!




4:7 10,000

what do you do on your day off? accompany your 8th grader and her middle school classmates on a field trip to the state capitol. of course, i knew this would benefit me which is why i wore my fitbit. bam! an easy 10K+ steps today.

i should have worn ear phones,  cuz dang, after the last minute sugar high from the local danny of Danny’s Mini Donuts the train was full of especially loud, hyperactive children. and admittedly, after my mocha almond fudge shake, i may have been a bit of an instigator. 🙂 shout out to danny, the owner. he provided wonderful service with a smile as well as gave us extra, delicious donuts.

the daughter was happy. she acknowledged that this is the first time in a long time that i have spent a full day with her (a non-weekend day) and see her in her element. this mom was happy. mabuhay!

obviously, the rotunda. the dome you see from the streets is 90 feet higher than what is seen looking up from the inside which is already 120 feet high!


4:3 last day

“awww! it’s the last day of spring break!” exclaimed the ‘lil one. dad’s back on the computer doing work before going back to work. the ‘lil one is making furniture for one of his playsets. the big girl is doing last minute homework before going to a warriors game and the mother is holding on the last moments of relaxation before the work week. sb 2016

4:1 spring break

so glad to be a parent this week! what a joy. two days off. taking a night off to catch a movie with the daughter and still able to kick back and relax. easter egg hunting in the living room and i even cooked dinner (that is a miracle for me). hurray! i should carry this “spring break” mentality around on a daily basis. i will say, though, that i’ve also slept at 3am at least 2 nights this week. party on!20160327_111943