4:7 10,000

what do you do on your day off? accompany your 8th grader and her middle school classmates on a field trip to the state capitol. of course, i knew this would benefit me which is why i wore my fitbit. bam! an easy 10K+ steps today.

i should have worn ear phones,  cuz dang, after the last minute sugar high from the local danny of Danny’s Mini Donuts the train was full of especially loud, hyperactive children. and admittedly, after my mocha almond fudge shake, i may have been a bit of an instigator. 🙂 shout out to danny, the owner. he provided wonderful service with a smile as well as gave us extra, delicious donuts.

the daughter was happy. she acknowledged that this is the first time in a long time that i have spent a full day with her (a non-weekend day) and see her in her element. this mom was happy. mabuhay!

obviously, the rotunda. the dome you see from the streets is 90 feet higher than what is seen looking up from the inside which is already 120 feet high!



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