4:14 pause

well, it’s been a while since i’ve written. it’s not because it’s been uneventful. it’s beem quite the opposite, in fact. the topic of the week is work. i’ve been behind closed doors. imagine a room within a room with no windows.that’s my space during the week. i have my surrounding walls adorned with photos or wall hanging and small treasures that make me happy. i’ve said “no” or “i’m sorry i can’t help you until next week” to asks and have redirected many times this week.  i do feel badly because folks need help or to talk things through, but i have some major stuff to do and due! my boundaries for not taking work home have come down at least for this week. the up side to this is it’s allowed me time to look back at work over the past three years. it’s also been affirming that that particular part of the job has only received 30% of my time because 60% has been devoted to other organizational needs. i’ve worn a number of hats over the past three years. talk about start up mode!

i will say that i was able to take a pause out of the hectic workweek to treat my ‘lil one and his classmates. he and his big sister go to the same school. and my husband and i were both able to take time to bring sweets — strawberries and donuts — the birthday snack of choice.

always good to pause for the cause!





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