5:31 a year ago

a year ago, i participated in my first cleanse. i journaled my food intake on a daily basis, i stuck to a decent pre-planned menu, i had a healthy snack pack that i brought to work, and i was working out. this lasted for a good three months. i felt healthy. i was in a good mood. everything went well, but it didn’t become a habit. i succumbed to my french fry fascination. i went back to drinking boba tea (aka sugar sweetened beverage) and slowly i stopped working out consistently.

a year later, i’m likely paying the price.

i’m about 85% healthy. i’ve been a fighting a bug for 3/4 weeks of may. i’ve likely taken the most sick days this month in my entire working career.

what a kick in the pants and a wake up call. poor health coupled with stress in other areas of life is not a good combination.

i’m pleased to have had the chance for two full days of healthy eating, sun and warmth and spending it with my kids and husband. the long weekend provided a  much-needed retreat and a good wake up call.

day 39 of my 57 days of purple instagram/FB/twitter posts in honor of prince

5:27 reminder

a dear friend asked me if i’ve been writing  regularly. it’s been a while. it was a good reminder as to why i started this project. writing has been therapeutic.

as you may have read, i was freaking out about turning 45. and admittedly, i continue to have good and bad days as i figure out what the next 45 years will bring. i’ve been keeping up my motivation by doing things that make me happy and keep me inspired. to date, this has been a everything from dabbling more in music, coloring my hair purple (love it!), prioritizing family time,  making time to see and communicate more with friends, and going into the art space more at work.

my friend asked me if i’ve posted 45 times and i’m happy to say that i’ve far exceeded that!

always good to have a reminder to take a moment. breathe.

5:15: this is the voice

or not! i’ve been fighting this bug for a week! here’s what’s been happening:

  • sunday, 5/8: migraine at the night-fell asleep at 6pm
  • monday, 5/9: headache at work all day
  • tuesday, 5/10: bodyaches and pains
  • wednesday, 5/11: bodyaches and pains — only had children’s medicine at home
  • thursday, 5/12: bodyaches and pains – hoarse voice – phlegm and cought started
  • friday, 5/13: missed work — lost voice
  • saturday, 5/14: faked it ’til i tried to make it — had daughter’s first communion and attended a memorial gathering for dear friend
  • sunday, 5/15: crashed out and took 3 hour nap, pounding headache, body aches

think this is good to send to the advice nurse or doctor?

boo. this is my “i don’t feel good, but i’m going to work anyway pix.” getting stuff done!IMG_0721


5:11 work, work, work, work, work

sisterpower. photo credit: vassilisa johri via FB

(in the tune of “work” by rihanna). this is a busy time of the year at work. i can sometimes go a day or two without seeing someone in the same building. my work spot is 31,000 square feet with 50+ adults in the building, and on any given day, 150-200 youth come in and out of the doors.

today was a good day. i overcommitted, but i executed on moderating and coordinating a women’s career panel. this is the 2nd panel and was special. props came to me, but were really due to the testimony of the panelists. my sense is that the audience (the youth) really listened, took the words to make meaning for themselves and walked away with new connections and know that they have allies who will lift them up and support them on their paths. the panelists, too, were open and honest. they had different opinions, approaches, and all were heard. for young women, this was a key message, too, share your voice, speak up, be and do YOU.

there ain’t nothing about that, that i can argue with.