5:11 work, work, work, work, work

sisterpower. photo credit: vassilisa johri via FB

(in the tune of “work” by rihanna). this is a busy time of the year at work. i can sometimes go a day or two without seeing someone in the same building. my work spot is 31,000 square feet with 50+ adults in the building, and on any given day, 150-200 youth come in and out of the doors.

today was a good day. i overcommitted, but i executed on moderating and coordinating a women’s career panel. this is the 2nd panel and was special. props came to me, but were really due to the testimony of the panelists. my sense is that the audience (the youth) really listened, took the words to make meaning for themselves and walked away with new connections and know that they have allies who will lift them up and support them on their paths. the panelists, too, were open and honest. they had different opinions, approaches, and all were heard. for young women, this was a key message, too, share your voice, speak up, be and do YOU.

there ain’t nothing about that, that i can argue with.


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