5:15: this is the voice

or not! i’ve been fighting this bug for a week! here’s what’s been happening:

  • sunday, 5/8: migraine at the night-fell asleep at 6pm
  • monday, 5/9: headache at work all day
  • tuesday, 5/10: bodyaches and pains
  • wednesday, 5/11: bodyaches and pains — only had children’s medicine at home
  • thursday, 5/12: bodyaches and pains – hoarse voice – phlegm and cought started
  • friday, 5/13: missed work — lost voice
  • saturday, 5/14: faked it ’til i tried to make it — had daughter’s first communion and attended a memorial gathering for dear friend
  • sunday, 5/15: crashed out and took 3 hour nap, pounding headache, body aches

think this is good to send to the advice nurse or doctor?

boo. this is my “i don’t feel good, but i’m going to work anyway pix.” getting stuff done!IMG_0721



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