5:27 reminder

a dear friend asked me if i’ve been writing  regularly. it’s been a while. it was a good reminder as to why i started this project. writing has been therapeutic.

as you may have read, i was freaking out about turning 45. and admittedly, i continue to have good and bad days as i figure out what the next 45 years will bring. i’ve been keeping up my motivation by doing things that make me happy and keep me inspired. to date, this has been a everything from dabbling more in music, coloring my hair purple (love it!), prioritizing family time,  making time to see and communicate more with friends, and going into the art space more at work.

my friend asked me if i’ve posted 45 times and i’m happy to say that i’ve far exceeded that!

always good to have a reminder to take a moment. breathe.


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