5:31 a year ago

a year ago, i participated in my first cleanse. i journaled my food intake on a daily basis, i stuck to a decent pre-planned menu, i had a healthy snack pack that i brought to work, and i was working out. this lasted for a good three months. i felt healthy. i was in a good mood. everything went well, but it didn’t become a habit. i succumbed to my french fry fascination. i went back to drinking boba tea (aka sugar sweetened beverage) and slowly i stopped working out consistently.

a year later, i’m likely paying the price.

i’m about 85% healthy. i’ve been a fighting a bug for 3/4 weeks of may. i’ve likely taken the most sick days this month in my entire working career.

what a kick in the pants and a wake up call. poor health coupled with stress in other areas of life is not a good combination.

i’m pleased to have had the chance for two full days of healthy eating, sun and warmth and spending it with my kids and husband. the long weekend provided a  much-needed retreat and a good wake up call.

day 39 of my 57 days of purple instagram/FB/twitter posts in honor of prince

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