June 8: to be continued

i’ve been setting goals so that i can feel accomplished and stay motivated. in november, i made a commitment to nourish myself (as in really eat because i tend to skip meals when work gets busy, and i can easily just keep working and working until i’m famished and exhausted at the end of the day), nourish my creativity (happy to say i’ve been writing consistently since then, and being colorful, and making music central to my life), and prioritizing my family. i’ve been able to leave work early 3 days a week (even though for a short period of time) to be a mom and partake in my kids life after school. and for a good stretch of time, until recently, i did not bring work home. this has all made such a big difference in my quality of life. even though life is busy all around, it does feel like it has gotten slower and easier to manage.i just want it to be continued as the summer approaches.

next up is to increase the music and  creativity and work on my own health now that i’m eating well. (did i say i’m trying a pescetarian diet from memorial day through labor day?) working on my health means working out. i’m soft around the middle and feel like jelly!

all that to say, TO BE CONTINUED!


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