June 11: back to the regular

spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner. there’s been a lot of impetus to get “back to the regular” routine. as i may have shared in other posts, “i’ve regularly been posting “57 days for prince.” i’ve been getting back into the regular daily musings/writing, here…regular music playing/learning. however, it was my daughter who called me out about getting back to a regular working out session. “mom,” she said, “i know physically you can do it. mentally, is what you need to work on.”

she was absolutely correct.

she must have been hearing me as i express that i haven’t worked out regularly since december. she listens when i say i need to eat healthier. she sees how i haven’t been following up and sees the mental block. all words and no action. not a good example! it was enough to jump start some healthy practices. and to watch and reframe what i do.

i’m glad to say that since memorial day weekend, i’ve been eating much healthier. for at least the past three years, my brother and sister have been doing a “vegan summer.” along with them, i’ve done soda free summer and no sugar sweetened beverages. this summer i’m going pesceterian 6 out of 7 days of the week. and FINALLY, today, i got some focused physical activity in with a 2 mile walk with my husband and 20 minute park play time with my lil one. !

cheers to all.


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