June 18: nurture

What nurtures you? This was a question asked at one of my weekly work meetings. At work, we get our s*(% done and we also have time to be reflective, thoughtful and intentional about checking in with each other to help keep us centered and connected as a team.

Some spoke of silence, of keeping the basics consistent (eating, sleeping, exercising), and of shopping. I spoke of writing. When I was younger, I was gifted a pink Holly Hobby diary with a lock. I absolutely loved it and loved writing in it. I eventually graduated to writing in the black and white composition notebooks and filled many of these throughout my college year. These days, I have random pleather bound notebooks, notepads with scribbles scattered throughout the house, and recycled paper stapled together, and of course, the interweb.

Today, I finally posted this site. I’ve been writing for me since last fall. Of course folks only see a glimpse of who we really are. Nonetheless, this is one piece of me that all should know. Right now, I don’t write to be fancy or to gain a following. I don’t write to educate others or share political views. I write for me. I write because it’s meditative. I write for pleasure.

When I write, I am nurtured.


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