july 27: positive peptides

so much going on in the world right now. it’s a bit overwhelming. i’ve been taking with my daughter about current events. my son hears what’s on the news/radio and asks questions. and we, admittedly, have our moments of crankiness. between the harsh reality of our worlds and the hustle and bustle of everyday, we need to take a moment to breathe, find our center, release and come to calm.

i’m thankful that i have support to be able to do so. my dear friend writes a blog in support of her business here.

i’ve always been a “half glass full” person while acknowledging the challenges. i really liked her post especially the part about “positive peptides.”

she writes:

“You can reprogram your cells by changing them to receive more positive peptides in the near future by adopting practices such as mindfulness and gratitude… in addition to food/nutrition, exercise, rest and sleep.

You have a choice in determining what input your genes receive….

You have more power than you think to positively influence your physical and mental health and life outcomes.”

how good and how true is that, right? (insert smiley face emoji here and purple heart.)



july 23: hands up

“hands up.”

this is what a handful of mom’s i know would say if their child was choking to supposedly help clear the diaphragm.

now, this has a whole new meaning.

it’s so clear and evident by this photo yet this advocate still got shot. seriously? #blacklivesmatter


july 8: tomorrow

words are hard to come by
words of sorrow are all i have to get me through tomorrow
i light a candle and have a vigil in honor of life


in memory of sandra
five who chose to wear blue

in memory of grace

because they were black
lives were taken
lives were lost

we cannot justify taking a life for a life for a life
nor can we accept this as a justified practice for peace and protection
we must live our lives with purpose
rather than allow death to be our pathway to reach eternal life

july 6: freedom

i had the joy of watching fireworks from pier 39 in SF for the first time after living in the bay area for 20+ years. was happy to see my childrens’ faces as they watched the sky light up.

i’m conflicted about this day. i get to experience all that this country has to offer yet am disgusted at what has become of our our society where human life is devalued, where people treat each other like crap.

what ever happened to dignity and respect?