8:19 random musing

i got bangs today. that is all. perhaps they’ll grow on me. yes, i know i’m corny.



8:18 2nd chance

i attended a funeral today.

i was the former executive director of a small, nonprofit agency for girls in san francisco. there are handful of girls who would always have a special place in my heart. one young lady was a natural leader. she was honest and humble, smart, motivated and driven and active in her community since middle school. all these characteristics were those that i heard of her mom today as friends and community members remembered. her mother had passed away at the very young age of 50.

one of the pastors had a message to “marinate on love.” he said if people would just love each other, we would all be in a better place.

the other message was live your life as if it’s your last and live your life when you’re given a second chance. first is fine, but second can even be better because you have an opportunity to do things differently. you have a second chance.

seize it. life is definitely too short these days.


8:16 gratitude

just a quick note to give thanks.

  • thanks to family for hosting a rather impromptu reunion this past weekend.
  • thanks to my husband for taking the daughter on one of her last hurrah’s before school starts and adjusting his work schedule to accommodate unforeseen amusement park closures
  • thanks to my son for being so caring and bringing me my amethyst stones to “calm” down.
  • thanks to my daughter for making yummy, chocolate pancakes for breakfast
  • …to understanding colleagues
  • …to friends who stay in touch through their own ups and downs
  • …to a community of dancers who love what they do!


8:10 dear diary

a heading stood out to me today…

IMG_1729“diary of an exhausted mom”

i laughed when i read it because i didn’t need to read the post further to understand. parenting and working is like having two full time jobs. i will easily argue anyone who doubts otherwise. it appears as though others do this effortlessly. as for me, real talk, i’m exhausted on a regular basis.

this evening, for example, i left work early to make sure the ‘lil one made it to dance on time. got a bit of a rest while he was in class. proceeded to shuttle the big one to her martial arts class. the ‘lil one fell asleep so i sat in the car for 1.5 hours, proceeded to do some work, respond to personal emails and requests.

i do tend to make every minute count as there’s always much to do in a 24-hour day.

dear diary–i’m ready for another vacation.