why i write, right?

i remember sitting with my mom and brother in our house, in the 2nd floor bedroom. my brother was coaching me as i was writing on a 2×2 blue, plastic, foldable side table. “what rhymes with ‘home’?” the writing was published in the local paper in matteson, illinois and selected as the opening page in woodgate elementary’s yearbook. i was seven.

i like school. it’s very cool. when we have lunch. it’s like a bunch. when we have art we color bright and dark. when we go home, it’s like a poem.

i remember my first away camp flying to texas tech university and taking a writing class. someone asked me about a poem i wrote. i was so startled by this stranger’s question. i hurriedly answered and scuttled away.

a gentle wind with an ease
through the air and with a breeze
a sudden burst into a gale
forces wind and rain to hale

later in life, i often journaled using the classic black and white composition notebooks.  i submitted to an anthology and got rejected. i did, however, receive a personal letter from the editor acknowledging the aesthetics of the submission because visuals were to accompany the writing. she did ask to use one of my pieces in an exhibit. i think i was 27.

all this to say that as i write this, i recall how much i enjoy writing. i made a commitment to injecting and resurfacing creativity into my life (i’m also a music fan) and was excited to learn that my brother and sister were both committing to writing this year, too, hence the birth of mabuhay45. i’ll soon turn 45.

update: i turned 45 in feb and most importantly, i write for me! enjoy.

IMG_20150125_160338view from 4th floor star plaza hotel in dagupan city, philippines. jan 2015. a street my father frequented as a child he says. photo credit: selfie